Mapping the 2018 Illinois Democratic Primary in Chicago

Posted by Kevin Yaroch on March 22, 2018

I made these maps in QGIS, using an approach similar to that I described in my tutorial. The OpenStreetMap layers are unfortunately rendered at the wrong scale, so the labels are illegible; I tried to fix this in a few different ways, but it appears to be impossible to fix without expending more time than I currently wish to. To view a larger version, open the image in a new tab.

I also have SVG versions, which I will make available somewhere if anyone has a use for them.

Feel free to request additional maps (city, county, or state) in the comments, although my ability to create those maps will depend on data availability.

2018 Illinois Democratic gubernatorial primary

2018 Illinois Democratic attorney general primary

2018 Cook County Democratic county board president primary

2018 Cook County Democratic county assessor primary

2018 Cook County marijuana legalization advisory referendum